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Articles and op-eds

Brexit : le retour à la réalité va être brutal

Le Cercle / Les Echos, March 2017

Pious progressives have created a spiral of silence which could yet conceal a Donald Trump victory

The Telegraph. November 2016

Brexit: La peur en derniere ligne droite

L’Humanité. Juin 2016

Pourquoi les banquiers ont intérêt à enfreindre les normes sociales

The Conversation (France) - September 2015

Unpicking the link between laissez-faire economics and corporate greenwashing

The Guardian, Sustainable Business - May 2014

- Hate the peer review? Einstein did too

- What is peer review?

with André Spicer, The Conversation - June 2014


Interviews & Mentions

L’Article 50 engendre une double incertitude

Forbes (fr) - March 2017

O efeito da 'espiral do silêncio' nas eleições americanas

Folha de S Paolo (Brazilian newspaper) - November 2016

After Trump’s victory, the world is left to wonder: What happened to America?

Washington Post - November 2016

Why are polls so wrong?

BBC Radio London - Drivetime - November 2016

Business as usual for Trump partners in Dubai, Istanbul

AlJazeera - December 2015

No such things as bad publicity

Talk at Brookings Institution - August 2014

“Qu’il est bon d’etre mauvais”

(in French)

Short version

Long version

Interview with Xerfi Canal - March 2015