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Selected Articles and Op-eds

Degrowth will accelerate as consumers change: Companies should adapt now.

The Economic Times, December 2020

How To Convince People To Take The Covid Vaccine? A Lesson In Leadership Communication

Forbes, December 2020

There Is Another Epidemic In The Workplace–The Domino Effect Of Burn-Outs

Forbes, December 2020

Coronavirus : « Qui aurait cru que les discussions autour de la machine à café manqueraient tant ? »

Le Monde, April 2020

Coronavirus: five ways to be a better manager when working from home

The Conversation, March 2020

Trade War: How firms on both sides of the rift can react

with Ben Laker, Sky News, September 2019

Busting three myths of diversity in the workplace.

with Ben Laker, Washington Post, July 2019

« Voyager en avion, c’est aujourd’hui prendre le risque d’être labellisé comme “pollueur” »

with Paul Chiambaretto, Le Monde, June 2019

Three lessons for leadership from the Brexit mess.

with Ben Laker, The Conversation UK, April 2019

« L’incertitude due au Brexit est la seule constante du paysage économique britannique depuis 2016 »

Le Monde, Avril 2019

Malaise dans l’Agriculture Francaise.

with Bertrand Valiorgue, La Vie des Idees, Mars 2019

Research: Bad Press Brings Big Banks More Business

Barron’s, February 2019

« Gilets jaunes » : « Le recours à des hackathons citoyens constitue une piste d’action locale »

with Emilie Bargues & Bertrand Valiorgue, Le Monde, December 2018

"Gilets jaunes" : Macron pris au piège d'un mouvement social délibérément désorganisé

with Bertrand Valiorgue, La Tribune + The Conversation, December 2018

Voters just want Brexit done, so Remainers should be wary of trying to stop it in another vote

The Telegraph, December 2018

Why management academics matter

with Joel Bothello, The Conversation, June 2018

How companies must approach sexual harassment in 2018

HR Zone, March 2018

Le rôle du président du Medef est de protéger les entreprises des excès de la finance mondialisée

Le Monde, Co-signed op-ed, February 2018

EU citizens in Britain are already being stigmatised – and it’s likely to get worse

LSE Politics Blog, January 2018

Brexit : le retour à la réalité va être brutal

Le Cercle / Les Echos, March 2017

Pious progressives have created a spiral of silence which could yet conceal a Donald Trump victory

The Telegraph. November 2016

Brexit: La peur en derniere ligne droite

L’Humanité. Juin 2016

Pourquoi les banquiers ont intérêt à enfreindre les normes sociales

The Conversation (France) - September 2015

Unpicking the link between laissez-faire economics and corporate greenwashing

The Guardian, Sustainable Business - May 2014

- Hate the peer review? Einstein did too

- What is peer review?

with André Spicer, The Conversation - June 2014


Selected Media Mentions

Covid: Cambridge ou la révolution de l'enseignement en ligne

Les Echos, November 2020

Working from home: will this mean the end of the office?

ITV News, July 2020

How Brexit prepared supermarkets for our coronavirus stockpiling

WIRED, March 2020

Leadership needs more diversity and less supremacy

Forbes, February 2020

MBA Professors to Look out for in 2020

Business Because, February 2020

Only in the tech industry can you be written off as a dinosaur at the age of 29

The Telegraph, December 2019

Filthy colleagues are here to stay, in even the best offices

Financial Times, November 2019

Un ambassadeur sacrifié sur l’autel d’une guerre de pouvoir

Le Devoir, July 2019

The lessons of Notre Dame: Don’t rely on billionaires

The Guardian, July 2019

It’s good to be bad if you are a bank

Bloomberg, November 2018

Naughty investment banks win more IPO business

The Economist, November 2018

The real reasons why mentors change your life

The Financial Times, October 2018

Les groupes français auraient intérêt à dire stop à l’homophobie

Le Monde, May 2017.

L’Article 50 engendre une double incertitude

Forbes (fr), March 2017

O efeito da 'espiral do silêncio' nas eleições americanas

Folha de S Paolo (Brazilian newspaper), November 2016

After Trump’s victory, the world is left to wonder: What happened to America?

Washington Post, November 2016

Why are polls so wrong?

BBC Radio London - Drivetime, November 2016

Business as usual for Trump partners in Dubai, Istanbul

AlJazeera, December 2015

No such things as bad publicity

Talk at Brookings Institution - August 2014

“Qu’il est bon d’etre mauvais”

(in French)

Short version

Long version

Interview with Xerfi Canal - March 2015

The Gilets Jaunes as a social movement

France 24

December 2018

The Impact of Technology on HRM

Webinar - Cambridge

June 2019